How Will Nurse Bob’s Entertainment Therapy Help My Loved One’s Alzheimer’s or Dementia?

How Will Nurse Bob's Entertainment Therapy Help My Loved One's Alzheimer's or Dementia?

I could start this part by describing the thousands of moments where I see lips that move which haven’t for years, fingers that tap where they usually rested quietly. Or, where people reach out and touch my guitar while I play for them. Even those who sit or lay quietly with their eyes closed seemingly unresponsive are probably aware of the sounds of music and recognizable voices. So, our videos will provide the elements that will perhaps unlock the seemingly closed mind.

I have been around the healthcare setting long enough to know that my music fits nearly any occasion. I played for hospice. It became clear to me that some patients want slow and contemplative music. On the other hand, some who suffer from terminal illness want fast and upbeat music. Nurse Bob’s thematic music videos will fit these occasions.

At one place I play in Naples Florida, after the performance, I walked into the rehab room where they have 10 Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapists. Whatever machine the clients were using their repetitions went up 10 per minute. And we all experience some sort of miracle each time energetic music is played.

At another long and short term rehab center I asked the Activity Coordinator (since I was a nurse) would they agree to allow me to walk from room to room and sing. The results are staggering. The sudden presence of a positive guitar wielding person walking into the room changed some rooms from despair to joy.

Music WORKS in almost any healthcare setting and with Nurse Bob’s Music videos, your loved ones may respond in miraculous ways.

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