If you could bring back the
memories of those you care for,
at least for an hour, would you?

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Mission Statements

Eldercare Entertainment’s primary objective is to appeal to those who suffer from memory loss by creating and publicizing music and entertainment videos, thereby reinforcing their memories and sense of self-worth.

Why Hire Nurse Bob?

The Nurse Bob Show is a unique blend of music and showmanship that seeks to re-create memories for those who suffer from memory impairments like Alzheimer's and related dementias'.

Doctor Recommended

Over the last decade, most of the top PhDs, MDs and RN's in the field agree that music therapy can help stall, and even reduce memory loss, and EVERYONE knows and feels the effects of music and energy.

Music is Food for the Soul

There is no better proof that music therapy works than seeing the sparkle in the eyes of the elderly as the sing along with Nurse Bob to the songs they grew up with, and associate with their fondest memories.

Nurse Bob's Gifts

Spend five minutes listening to Nurse Bob play his guitar, while singing and bantering with the audience, and you will agree he is using this God given talents towards something truly magical. By the time he's done, your loved ones will be yelling encore! for years to come.

Seniors Love Bob

Nurse Bob prides himself on establishing a loving bond with each and everyone he sings to. And as a care giver, we love to see our amazing elderly ladies and gentelmen enjoy a special hour of songs and smiles.


Please take a moment to read through our testimonials, as everyone from CEO's of large elderly care facilities, to young grand kids, describe how Nurse Bob has made a profound difference in the ones they love.

Everybody Wins

If family members, care givers and concerned investors all get together and take advantage of Nurse Bob's energy shows, perhaps we can change the memory deprived world our loved ones live in. What have you got to loose? An the very least your loved ones are going to enjoy a engaging, heart warming, entertaining event. And we all know that when are loved ones are happy, we ALL are happy. Who knows, they just might start telling tales of their fondest memories of you and them.

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Get to Know the Nurse Bob Show

Grab a cup of coffee, sit back and enjoy a trip down memory lane with Nurse Bob.

Nurse Bob's Corner

Show "Themes"

  • Sample Church Play List
  • The Mighty Railroads of the 20th Century
  • An Intimate Look at Mothers and Their Babies
  • The Fond Days of Summer (Summer Vacation Sports, Coney Island, Yellowstone Park, Colorado etc.)
  • The Roaring Twenties
  • The Lighter Side of the Depression (Hobo Songs, Patriotism, WPA etc.)
  • The White Steeple Tour of America (Hymns to Live By)
  • The American Miner
  • Cowboys and Cowgirls
  • The Crooners
  • Cows, Plows and Chickens (Down on the Farm with Nurse Bob)
  • The Seasons (Apple Pickin, Christmas Time’s a Comin’)
  • Nurse Bob at the Dog Pound


Read what the experts think

Clarke Pollard
Executive Director, Alzheimer's Support Network
Matthew Powers, MD
Amanda Sweeney, ADPC
Activity Director - The Lodge at The Cove
Dr. Frederick W. Schaerf
Principal Investigator, Neuropsychiatric Research Center of Southwest Florida
Brianna Pill
Activity Director, The Arbor-Shellpoint Retirement Community
Angel C. Duncan, MA-MFT, ATR
Clinician, Neuropsychiatric Research Center of SWFL

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