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Investing in the Magic of Nurse Bob and Entertainment Therapy

Investing in the Magic of Nurse Bob and Entertainment Therapy

Eldercare Entertainment LLC, will create high quality videos under the name “On the Road with Nurse Bob.” Our target audience will be persons suffering from Alzheimer's disease and related cognitive impairments.  Each show is designed to encourage active participation and increase collective energy as participants sing and reminisce.  Nurse Bob will evoke memories of music, entertainment, automobiles, family life, farm or city life, patriotism and many other facets of American popular culture as people experienced them 50-80 years ago.

The need for this product.

Researchers are actively searching for treatments to minimize the emotional and financial effects of Alzheimer’s disease on our nation. Nurse Bob (Bob Shea, RN) has been a dominant figure in southwest Florida assisted living homes for the last five years, where he performs one-hour solo concerts that encourage collective and individual participation.  Staff and attendees enthusiastically look forward to his visits, and his audiences usually number between 30-50 people.  Nurse Bob performs over 40 times a month and has seen first-hand and up-close the powerful effects music has on those who suffer from dementia.

Define the competition and what differentiates us from other companies?

The concept of Eldercare Entertainment is dignified and unique. THERE IS NOTHING ON THE MARKET LIKE NURSE BOB. There are a host of loosely scripted sing-along performances where DVDs are sold on-line and through trade journals. Most are out dated low budget productions that feature a host playing music with a bouncing ball on a screen as the only visual.

Our shows will offer thematic content to create focus and stimulate awareness, and will be peer reviewed by clinical professionals, including those who work directly in the field of memory loss-dementia researcher, nurses, social workers, and certified activity directors.  The Nurse Bob shows are directed at relieving the anxiety, depression and agitation experienced by our viewers and each episode will be tested for effectiveness by presenting them to participants whose reactions will be observed by our clinicians. Video effectiveness and modifications will be discussed and implemented before the final video completion. The first season will be a series of 13 shows each about 45 minutes long. We expect those who observe our videos to show a reduction in depression, agitation, confusion, disorientation, isolation and pain, along with an increase in socialization and joy. The "pilot" show will be used to pitch to TV outlets. In the premier offering,” Cows, Plows and Chickens: Nurse Bob and Sally on the Farm!”, Nurse Bob will take viewers on a journey into the rural past, weaving sing-along-songs throughout, with images generated on green screens and on site locations. With music, humor and viewable nostalgia (such as still and motion pictures), participants and their hosts will revisit events, artifacts and cultural symbols that defined their younger years.  Nurse Bob's audiences will be magically transported to familiar, memorable and reassuring times and places.

A marketing analysis for the eldercare video industry.

As stated above, there is nothing on the market like NURSE BOB. The potential for this product is vast, and video content will expand as lifespans increase. Whether they are in assisted living facilities, hospitals, hospice, adult daycares or at home, the addition of Nurse Bob’s videos into any setting will restore energy and joy to the lives of those who suffer from dementia. 

Many who have moderate to significant Alz recognize Nurse Bob as he enters the room. We are sure that your loved one will experience the same warm feelings for his shows.

Nurse Bob and the team at Eldercare Entertainment LLC wish to call on you to assist us with our mission to bring the vision comfort and joy into the living rooms across our great nation. Take this first step with us as we bring smiles to our viewers

For later

As my company grows, I plan on creating a segment of E.E. that will provide local public awareness for Alzheimer’s Disease (AD). This public awareness program will focus on those who may be in denial to the fact that a loved on has AD, or those like a friend of mine who may be hiding thier illness. Our website (under construction) will provide education and support for the families and individuals affected by AD. This branch will also provide support local individuals in the way of scholarships to adult daycare centers. Also, as this project becomes national (and we fully believe that it will) a percentage will be allocated for national organizations as well. At this time there is no defined percentage placed upon this project, but my intentions are true.




Bob Shea entered the field of nursing at 40 years oldafter graduating from Florida Gulf Coast University. He then learned to play the guitar at 43 years old. His professional medical history include the emergency room, eldercare and physical therapy units and school health nursing. This broad scope of service drew his attention to playing music and entertaining those where who may need the positive attention most. He began playing



Graduated with Bachelors degree in Marketing Indiana State University 1974. President/CEO & owner of Dubois Distributors, Inc. Distinguished past president of Huntingburg Kiwanis. Founding board member of Dubois County Habitat for Humanity. Married to Anita for 38 years. Two children, 4 grand children. Current president of Acoustic Music Society of SW FL. Plays mandolin in local bluegrass band. Lives in Fort Myers, FL.



Angel C. Duncan, MA-MFT, ATR, has an extensive background in counseling psychology and art therapy. She is a clinician in Alzheimer's clinical research trials and a professor in mental health and neurocognitive disorders. Angel comes from the San Francisco Bay Area and New York City areas before relocating to Southwest Florida. She works throughout the country as a public speaker, programs development consultant and grants writer. Angel is a published author in diverse media and regularly contributes blogs to the Huffington Post.



Don Abbott, founder of Abbott Productions, a full service marketing company specializing in production for the electronic media.  His career has been full of innovation.  Don is truly an entrepreneur, creating many diversified businesses and inventions.  His positive attitude is best recognized when he delivers his one-hour program, “Positive Changes for a Positive Tomorrow.”  Don’s passion for flying was recognized in 2011 when he was presented the Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award.  As the Federal Aviation Administration’s highest honor, it is given to a select group of pilots who have completed over 50 years of accident free flying and have contributed significantly to aviation safety.



Greg Longenhagen- started his career in New York City where he worked as a performer and director of live theatre. He later moved into the producer’s chair for radio and television. Hi profession has taken him from Maine to California, Seattle to Miami -and many places in-between. He spent 2 years touring the United States conducting workshops on real estate investing and helped generate over 2.5 million dollars in revenue with his front end sales.  In 2006, he joined Abbott Productions Inc. Since coming on board, Greg has overseen the production of numerous successful advertising campaigns and creative video projects. When time permits, Greg still finds his way back to the stage at the Florida Repertory Theatre-where he is an ensemble member. He holds a Bachelors degree in Speech Communication from West Chester University and a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Pittsburgh.

Seeing is Believing

Seeing is Beleiving! Sometimes there are only occasional and short moments where our loved ones will open their eyes, heart and expressions. Let’s attempt to provide a catalyst for these remarkable moments. Nurse Bob thematic music videos. Sometimes it takes giving a certain type of energy to our loved ones. And sometimes it is not…
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