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Nurse Bob heads the movement called Entertainment Therapy that seeks to restore love, joy, memory and experience to aging loved ones, and give back a portion of what they’ve given to us. He is a uniquely compassionate performer who offers the music of many decades to audiences that remember when his songs were new and formed the sound track of their lives. His energetic style finds the energy in audience members, couples music with memory, and brings buried memories back. As he’s said on more than one occasion, “I love them all!”

Eldercare Entertainment LLC, will start by create high quality thematic music videos under the name “On the Road with Nurse Bob.” Our target audience will be persons suffering from Alzheimer's disease and related cognitive impairments. Each show is designed to encourage active participation and increase collective energy as participants sing and reminisce. Nurse Bob will evoke memories of music, entertainment, automobiles, family life, farm or city life, patriotism and many other facets of American popular culture as people experienced them 40-80 years ago. What is really exciting though is our plan to incorporate the “brain game” processes that High level activity coordinators incorporate in their care plans-into our shows.

A CLINICAL APPROACH to delivering the highest quality shows to our loved ones. Each show will be given to our focus group, a group of activity coordinators who will observe the effects of our shows on our target audience. Taking a this clinical approach serves to increase our effectiveness on our target audience, our friends and family.


We expect our viewers to show a RECUCTION in depression, agitation, confusion, disorientation, isolation and pain along with an INCREASE in socialization and joy.


If family members, caregivers and community support entertainment therapy, we can change the memory deprived world our loved ones live in. If not for just a few gleeful moments.

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Eldercare Entertainment, LLC
Telephone: 239–248-8906
E-mail: info@EldercareEntertainment.com

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Nurse Bob and the team at Eldercare Entertainment LLC wish to call on you to assist us with our mission to bring the vision, comfort and joy into living rooms across our great nation. Take this first step with us as we bring smiles to our viewers, by clicking the Donate button below. Again, if you have any questions, please call our use this form to contact us.